"Thanks heaps for my awesome stag party, and for keeping everyone safe (most of all me!)
David Smith - Christchurch

"Once again, a huge thanks to Wanaka Paintball for our Annual Boxing Day Family Game. We always look forward to seeing the new changes to your field each and every year"
Johnny Lucas and Family - Brisbane

"We loved our first ever game of paintball. Thankyou Lukas and Mike. We will be back"
Wong Family – Singapore



Game Scenarios

At Wanaka Paintball through our extensive experience we have come up with the most
exciting and action packed game scenarios possible.

Capture the flag (Wanaka Paintball style)

Both teams will start off with a rugby ball in their base, the mission is to make your way to the enemy’s base retrieve enemy ball and bring it back to your own base undetected. But of course you will need to defend your ball as well, as the enemy will be trying to steal your ball as well.

Pirate Flag

This game is a show of dominance between the swashbuckles of pirates clans. The rival pirate crew is embarking on your treasure hoard and is marking their new found territory by raising their crew flag. The only way to deter them from gaining access to your treasure hoard is by raising your crews flag before they do!

Angry Birds

Amongst all the havoc wreaked by the foul tempered angry birds one of the golden eggs has found its way into the Wanaka Paintball forest. For your team to achieve the high score you must locate the missing golden egg which has found its way up a tree. The Egg has lodged itself in a hard to reach place and it is up to you and your team mates to figure out how to get the ball down. Once the ball has been retrieved it is still not safe, you must battle your way to the enemy’s base and place the egg in its nest for the high score to be achieved.
And many many more....

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