"Thanks heaps for my awesome stag party, and for keeping everyone safe (most of all me!)
David Smith - Christchurch

"Once again, a huge thanks to Wanaka Paintball for our Annual Boxing Day Family Game. We always look forward to seeing the new changes to your field each and every year"
Johnny Lucas and Family - Brisbane

"We loved our first ever game of paintball. Thankyou Lukas and Mike. We will be back"
Wong Family – Singapore



Is Transport avaialable?

Yes, see pricing.

How many players do we need?

Minimum Group of 4 players for a booking. However, we can arrange for you to join anothers in our Daily 4pm game, or we may be able to fit your smaller group in between bookings! Ideally a game needs more than 6 players for the most action.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable covered shoes. Sports clothes are ideal but not essential as we provide coveralls.

Do the paintballs wash out?

Yes if the paint somehow gets on your clothes it is non toxic and washes out very easily.

Is there an age restriction?

No not really, paintball is a game for almost anyone of almost any age as long as they as they are responsible and can safely hold a paintball gun. Generally we don’t recommend children under the age of 6.

Is it safe?

Yes very safe. At Wanaka Paintball we are BIG in safety and take extra precautions to ensure everyone leaves our field with a big smile.

Can it hurt when a paintball hits you?

Not often. Our thick protective coveralls absorb the splat of the paintballs and our protective masks cover your whole face including your ears. If you do get hit with a bit of a stinger the adrenaline is pumping so much that it wears off in a few seconds.

How many players do we need to make a booking?

If you cant round more than 5 people thats no problem you we will put you with another small group in one of our daily scheduled games and you can meet a few new Wanaka people and all have a great time. Otherwise no group over 5 is too big for one booking.

Can I come out even if I can’t play or if I’m not sure I want to play?

Yes, thats no problem and as soon as you see what your missing out on trust us you will want to play. Otherwise we have a safe game viewing area and a sunny waiting and bbq area with kids swings. Depending on staff numbers and game sizes on the day we can usually cater to anyone who would like to just shoot some targets with paintballs for a small fee.

Can we bring our own paintball guns?

You are welcome to bring your own paintball guns and gas but must use our paintballs. Prices do not change.

-- Eftpos available on site. --

CALL NOW - 0800-SPLATT (775 288)
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Bookings are essential due to the popularity of the game.